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WIE offers a wide variety of courses, including:

Beginner Courses 
Beginner courses are designed for new learners, with no prior knowledge of the language.  Learners will be taught how to greet; introduce themselves; order food and drinks; ask for directions; pronounce words correctly; and use the most common words and sentences.
This course will provide the basic understanding and knowledge of culture and language.

Elementary Courses
Ideally suited for learners with some prior knowledge and basic language skills. Learners will be taught to use the language in a formal environment such as making appointments; asking for information via telephone; agreeing and disagreeing; discussing and giving opinions. Elementary level reading, speaking, listening and writing exercises will be introduced.

Intermediate Courses
Learners will be able to build on their skills and knowledge gained in the Elementary course in order to communicate effectively in the language. Learners will apply speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in various situations in a formal and non-formal environment via
role-plays, quizzes, written and oral exercises.  These exercises will further develop their skills and confidence in using the language in everyday situations.

Advanced Courses
Learners will develop advanced skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, which will enable them to confidently apply the language in various day-to-day situations either in a formal or informal environment.

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