Private Lessons

Private lessons are great for people with irregular work hours or those who prefer intensive one-on-one tuition to a class environment. 


Lessons are with a qualified native speaker, who will discuss your learning goals with you to create a customised curriculum. You will have the opportunity to concentrate on your own areas of priority, at your own pace, with no audience. This option allows you to cover the most ground in the shortest time-frame and will give you much more practise actually speaking the language.


Sessions can be arranged anytime during the week. Evening and weekend classes are also available upon request.


Learn almost any Language!

Lessons can be arranged for almost any language, including those not listed on this site please ask us about the language you are interested in!



One-to-One lessons          $55 per hour

Two-to-One lessons          $40 per person per hour

Minimum of 10 hours applies.


Can’t attend evening classes because of work commitments?
With private lessons, you can design a timetable that fits around your work hours. Many employers consider our One-to-One tuition as “Professional Development” and may help finance the course.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our academic team will be happy to put together a program that fits your goals and schedule.


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